Montreal Thiru Murugan Temple

Welcome to The Montreal Thiru Murugan Temple’s

Also popularly known as Montreal ARULMIHU THIRUMURUGAN KOYIL (“மொன்றியல் அருள்மிகு திருமுருகன் கோயில்” - Tamil ).
Temple du Murugan est administre par La Mission Saiva du Quebec
(French). Administered by SAIVA MISSION OF QUEBEC
established in 1983 and registered as Non-Profit religious organization.

This Temple is the first Saivaite Temple in the Province of Quebec in
Canada. While it is open to all those devotees who believe in
SAIVAISM to fulfill their religious rituals and functions, all other faiths are cordially invited to this Temple.

  Temple Hours : 8:30 AM to 1:30 PM, 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Pooja Hours: Morning: 9:00 AM, Noon: 12:00, Evening: 7:00 PM

Timings may change during festival times and Fridays.

Upcoming Events
Janavary 2019
01-01-2019 -Happy New-Year!
03-01-2019 -Piradosha Viratham
05-01-2019 - Ammavasai Viratham
07-01-2019 -Siravana Viratham
09-01-2019 - Sathurthi Viratham
11-01-2019 -Sasdi Viratham
14-01-2019 -*Thai Pongal*
16-01-2019 -Karthigai Viratham
18-01-2019 -Thai 1st-Fri, Piradosha Viratham
20-01-2019 -Poorana Moon-Kiragam
21-01-2019 -Thai Poosam
23-01-2019 - Sathiya Narayana Pooja
25-01-2019 - Thai 2nd-Fri
27-01-2019 -Vairavar Pooja
31-01-2019 -Ekathasi Viratham
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