A Brief History of the Thiru Murugan Temple
The weekly religious activity started with few members of the Tamil speaking Hindu community in Montreal, before two decades eventually evolved into hundreds of people coming and forming the Saiva Mission of Québec in 1985 with the main objective of building an authentic temple for their favorite god Lord Murugan following the Saiva Agamas and Sitpa Sastras and a centre to serve the social and cultural needs of the community.
By 1991, hundreds of devotees succeed in raising CAN $135,000 towards a temple.
In 1992 two acres of land was bought in the city of Dollard des Ormeaux for $450,000 (CAD). Only faith in Lord Murugan and guru’s blessings encouraged the Tamils to embark on a multi-million dollar venture with only CAN $135,000 in hand. The project was blessed by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami. Blessing of the land ceremony and a huge tree-planting ceremony were performed.
The inauguration ceremony was held at an auspicious time on May 29th, 1995 by the divine grace of Almighty Lord Murugan at 1611 St-Regis Blvd, DDO (the location of the new temple).
The Consecration ceremony of Phase I was religiously performed during the auspicious hours of 8:15 - 9:15 AM on 12th November 1995.
In 1996, Sri Durkai Amman Shrine was built and the Consecration ceremony was held on 25th August 1996.
The First Annual Festival (ten days) started on 6th of September 1996.
“Ther” (Chariot) festival was on 14th of September and “Theertham” (Holy Dip) festival was on 15th of September 1996. Since then, the Annual Festival has always been held in the second week of August.
First auspicious ‘Sod Turning” ceremony, at 9:30 AM on 10th June 2001, was performed by Vaasthuvlgnani Dr. V. Ganapathy.
The commencement of the works for Phase II project, with respect to all Saivaite Architectural design and workmanship was held on 6th June 2002 on the temple soil by Dakshinamoorthy Sthapathy.
Conch-Setting (Sangu Sthapana) ceremony was held during the auspicious hours of 5 AM on Thursday June 13th 2002.
The major portion of the sculpture works were done in the period 2003-2005.
Twelve artisans from Tamil Nadu have built a 51ft Raja Gopuram (tower) with five levels, the main altar for Lord Murugan with 32ft Vimanam, the Maha Mamndapam where Lord Shanmugar is sitting, the altars for Ganapathi, Natarajar, Venkateswarar, Nava Grahas, Sivan and Parvathi, Bairavar, Vasantha Mandapam, Sri Arumugar and the Pillars. Local contractors placed granite tiles on the floor and inside each altars.
With the divine grace of almighty Lord Murugan and after due consultation with eminent priests and astrologers, the Maha Kumbabhishekam (Ritual Inauguration and Consecration ceremony) of the Montreal Thiru Murugan Temple takes place during the auspicious time of 7:47 to 8:50 AM on Sunday May 28th 2006.